Magic of the Vampire: Prequel Novella



Seth Callaghan is a reluctant incubus, cursed with the power to seduce and satisfy his willing victims—all in exchange for their souls.

It’s a hateful magic, and he refuses to indulge. The price is too high to pay…again.

When he’s called to fulfill a centuries-old duty to protect a girl with the power to save the world, Seth has no idea she will demolish the walls he’s painfully built around his dead, broken heart.

Drawn like a moth to a flame, Seth wants this young witch more than he’s ever wanted anyone, but she alone holds the key to destroying him completely.

Blood and lust.

Dreams and fire.

Survival and sacrifice.

Desire… and death.

Riley Quinn is Seth Callaghan’s doom, and he needs to stay away. But want and need are two very different things.