Magic of the Vampire: Prequel Novelette


Cathal knew his father had been taken by the devil the moment Isavell spied him and chose him for her own … When Isavell arrived in their village, by night, as the succubus does, and by stealth, as is the way of the vampire, she knocked on their door in the darkness, as only a demon would.

Seth was an incubus—that rare hybrid the Master had created by mistake, an accidental by-product of the devil’s repulsive magical experiments. He was a drinker of blood as well as a stalker of dreams, a seducer of innocents and a thief of souls.

Margaret knew today would be the day she would slay the devil, but she knew not how that could be true.

Pure Evil Magic of the Vampire Samantha MacKenzie

Central Ireland, 1665.

Cathal marches toward the devil’s den, armed with a blade of silver.

Seth beats back insanity as his creator, the king of hell, is murdered.

Margaret steals the world’s last remnant of magic and buries it in the aether.

A curse. A knife. A dream.

Slayer. Incubus. Witch.