Magic of the Vampire: Book One


“Close your eyes,” he murmured, and my lids snapped shut. He picked up my hand and ran the tip of his icy nose along the inside of my forearm, from the pulse at my wrist to the crease at my elbow … His lips brushed mine as he whispered wordlessly, bewitchingly, then the scent of his skin overwhelmed my senses, and the world lost its foundations beneath me.

Samantha MacKenzie Magic of the Vampire One Love/Luck

Riley Quinn loves her quirky great-grandmother, but her superstitions are seriously irritating. Grams may believe in lucky silver jewelry and beautiful demons who hunt humans in the night, but Riley knows it’s all nonsense.

Until Seth Callaghan arrives in town.

Riley’s best friend, sexy surfer Finn O’Brien, begs her to ignore the new guy. Grams demands she stay away. Yet Riley is magnetically drawn to the sweet seduction of Seth’s charms.

But all is not what it seems. Soon, Riley finds herself swept up in a supernatural world beyond her understanding.

Secrets and lies.
Magic and power.
Vampires and temptation.

Life… and death.

As danger swirls around her, Riley’s loved ones fight to protect her from the darkness closing in—but only Riley can decide her fate. Torn between love and lust, loyalty and destiny, Riley’s survival isn’t guaranteed when she’s hunted by the devil himself.